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Faro Airport Departures

Faro Airport is relatively small and, however you travel to the airport, the departures area is easily accessible. Taxis and buses stop right outside the terminal and coaches and private transfer vehicles park a short walk away. The car parks and car rental returns are also only a short distance from the departures hall.

With most short-haul airlines, you can now check-in online and print your boarding pass, or download it via an app on your smartphone or tablet. You can be charged extra by some airlines if you don’t check in online.

If you don’t have any hold baggage and you’ve checked in online, you can go straight to security. Otherwise, you will have to go to one of the sixty check-in desks. The departure screens will have the information on which desks have been assigned to your flight number.


The general advice with regard to checking in for European flights is to arrive two hours before the scheduled departure time. However, Faro airport is notorious for long delays for security screening after which, unlike other airports in Europe, you will be subjected to passport control involving further queueing. Therefore, it is advisable to allow at least three hours, especially at peak times.

If you have to wait for the check-in desks to open, there is a cafeteria serving food and soft and alcoholic drinks, and a shop for newspapers, books, sweets, etc. The departures hall also have free unlimited Wi-Fi available.

At the check-in desk, you will need your booking reference or boarding pass and your passport or national ID card. Your hold baggage will be weighed. The airlines all have different rules for the weight and size of hold and hand baggage and there are severe fines for being over, so check before you travel.

International laws prohibit the carriage of some goods on aircraft. Full details of which can be found on the CAA website, but also check the terms and conditions of the airline.

Security Screening

Your boarding pass will be scanned as you enter the security screening area so, to avoid delays, have it on hand.

For security, you will need to remove jackets and cardigans, empty your pockets, take off belts and place these on the conveyor belt in the trays provided to go through the x-ray scanner. Your carry-on bags will also go on the belt, and laptops have to go through separately. Liquids must be put in a sealable, transparent plastic bag in quantities of not more than 100 ml, and up to a maximum of one litre per passenger.

You will be directed to walk through a metal detector. A green light should show but, if you’ve forgotten to remove a metal object, a red light will show and you’ll be more closely scanned by a security officer for the offending item.

After you’ve cleared security you will then join one of the queues at passport control at which you must show a valid passport or national ID card.

You can then go through to the departures lounge.

Departures Lounge

You can relax in the departure lounge until you boarding your flight. There are information screens throughout the lounge showing details of boarding times and gates. Check these regularly as flight announcements are not made.

There is a duty-free store along with a variety of shops selling electrical goods, fashion and sports gear, souvenirs, jewellery, books and magazines. There are also restaurants, cafés, coffee shops, fast food outlets and bars. A smoking lounge is also available.

When the boarding gate for your flight is shown, you should head there promptly. You will be asked to show your passport and boarding pass before embarking.

The following pages have more information about the facilities in the departure lounge.