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Faro Airport Parking

Faro has six car parks, P1 to P6, the first three of which are the official public car parks. These are all within easy walking distance of the terminal building, but priced according to their convenience. The total public car parking capacity is just under 1,000. The car parks are all at ground level with uncovered spaces and have surveillance.

  • P1 – This is the short-term car park closest to the departures hall and is ideal for short trips from the airport and dropping off passengers when you do not want to rush your goodbyes. It only takes a minute to walk to the departures area and two minutes to arrivals.
  • P2 – This is just a minute's walk from the arrivals area and suitable for short trips. If you are collecting passengers, the first ten minutes are free. Entry is via a barrier where a ticket is issued. If you stay longer than ten minutes, charges will apply. To discourage commercial drivers from using this facility, the free ten minutes only applies to two visits in any twenty-four hour period. Additional entries are charged at incremental prices regardless of the length of stay.
  • P3 – This is the long-stay car park and, being only 400 meters from the terminal building, is just a five or eight-minute walk to the arrivals and departures areas respectively. While all three car parks can be used for longer periods, P3 is significantly cheaper than P1 and P2.
  • P4 – This is designated for the car rental companies and is where you need to return your hire car.
  • P5 and P6 – These are for large coaches and private transfer vehicles respectively. If you are booked on one of these vehicles, you will be met in the arrivals hall and guided to the appropriate parking area.

Parking Rates

The fees that apply for parking area are as follows:

  • P1 – €0.85 for each fifteen-minute period, with a maximum price on the first day of €10.00. After the first twenty-four hours, the rate per hour is €1.50 up to a maximum of €10.00 per day.
    • 30 minutes – €1.70
    • 1 hour – €3.40
    • 2 hours – €6.80
    • 3 hours – €10.00
    • 1 day – €10.00
    • 7 days – €70.00
  • P2 – The first ten minutes is free but, if staying longer, the first fifteen minutes costs €0.70. Each subsequent fifteen minutes is €0.70. The maximum daily rate is €10.00.
    • 10 minutes – €0.00
    • 30 minutes – €1.40
    • 1 hour – €2.80
    • 2 hours – €5.60
    • 3 hours – €8.40
    • 1 day – €10.00
    • 7 days – €70.00
  • P3 – For long-stay parking, the minimum charge for the first day is €5.00. After the first twenty-four hours, the price per hour is €1.00 with a maximum price per day of €5.00 for the first fourteen days. The maximum price per day from the fifteenth day to the end of the first month is €4.00. After the first month, the daily rate is €3.00.
    • 1 day – €5.00
    • 7 days – €35.00
    • 14 days – €70.00

Passenger Drop-Off Zone (Kiss & Fly)

There is no curb-side stopping permitted at Faro airport for dropping off or picking up passengers and offending drivers are prosecuted. However, there is an additional car parking area adjacent to the departures area which is cutely called the "kiss & fly" stopping area.

Entry is still via a barrier, but the first ten minutes are free, allowing plenty of time to drop off passengers and luggage. Staying for longer than ten minutes incurs a fee of €1.00 for every additional five minutes up to €10.00 per hour. The same multi-entry rules apply as for P2.

Getting to the Car Parks

The main route into the airport is the N125-10. Follow the signs for the airport and then the appropriate blue P1, P2 and P3 signs. Kiss & fly is a blue P with no number.

If you are returning a hire car, follow the car rental return signs. Should you need to fill up the car, there is a petrol station as you enter the airport road.

Off-Site Parking

Off-site parking is another option for long-term parking. Private companies run these parks, which are located away from the airport, usually in a secure location. They offer a free shuttle bus to transfer you to and from the airport.

There are extra services available such as meet & greet, whereby a driver will meet you at the airport and take your car to the car park. You will then be met with your car on your return saving you time and inconvenience. Some companies also offer valeting and servicing of vehicles.

You can compare the prices, or book with an off-site provider, by filling out the form at the top of this page.