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Alamo Faro Airport

The gateway to the Algarve region in the southern part of Portugal is Faro Airport. It is actually a small airport with only one terminal. There is ongoing renovation happening currently at the airport, which accommodates nearly five million passengers every year. The Faro airport is popular to many tourists because it is situated near the Algarve coasts, which is home to many beach resorts. It is also closely located to Lisbon and Spain, which tourists also love to stop by.

Transports to and from Faro Airport include airport shuttles, car hire, taxis and public buses. Trips to the center of the town are very short because of the proximity of the airport to the town. There are also several luxurious hotels surrounding the airport where taxis can accommodate your transportation. You can also utilize car hire companies like Alamo car hire where you can rent a vehicle and move around the area. What you simply need is approach the Alama booth and informs the clerk you need a car.

You can maximize the use of the car as you travel down the roads of Faro City. This will certainly take you to places you want to go. This can transport you to bars and restaurants, hotels and resorts, and other neighboring tourist spots of the area. This can also take you to shops and duty free outlets where you can do shopping before you finally return to your home place. Surely, you will find the convenience of Alamo car hire rather than commuting in public transports. Before you even consider driving your own rented car, ensure that you are familiar with the streets that take you to places. You definitely do not want to get through all the hassle of being lost. Though this may be costly, why not consider having your own driver. This saves you the bother of figuring out where you are now!