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Hertz Faro Airport

Faro Airport is situated in the popular Algarve coast, somewhere south of Portugal. It is a popular destination where many tourists love to visit. Travelers may proceed to Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, where they can fancy a fabulous surfing spree and a nice trip to the city zoo. It is 278 km away from the airport and will take you about three hour drive by car.

Tourists can also enjoy a marvelous visit to Alte, and travel down to Lagos to enjoy the sandy beaches that are known to be the best in Algarve. These locations will need you to use a car to make the trip really exciting. At Faro airport, there is a variety of tour options and choosing Hertz car hire is definitely the best option.

To make your travel from Faro to its neighboring cities light and easy, you need to hire a car from the airport. This calls for no worries as there are several local car rental companies like Hertz that set up sales counters at the airport for the traveler’s convenience. Hiring a car service will spare you from all the hassles of commuting in a taxi or perhaps through public transport. What you need is to go to the Hertz booth and inform the clerk you need a car. Investing time and money with a Hertz car hire will assure you that you have hired a trustworthy company. You may prefer to hire a car that already includes a competent driver to guide you through your trip to Faro. You will also feel secure as this guy possesses a driving license, which authorizes him to drive down the streets of Portugal. You must note that the safety of trip is in the hands of this driver and his guide will hinder you from getting lost in Faro. This then makes your holiday the best and most memorable one by hiring your own rented car.